Artist Statement

Before our birth we were four! We learned to think and act as we. This is the natural way of being for twins and multiples. Shortly after our birth, I became a singleton and then began the gradual learning of becoming an “I” while recognizing my beginnings as a “we”.

My work flows from the singular to the multiple and from the multiple to the singular.

I am an intuitive artist and love working with colour, movement, shape and form.

The feminine line is not a line but rather a flow in harmony with the impetus that carries the brush and paint across a canvas. The impetus comes from within like a fluid flow through the body, filling my being and flowing out into the space of the canvas. We are the impetus while I am the carrier of the flow which is also expressed in poetry and photography.

I am Canadian and have lived in towns and cities in Ontario. Presently, I reside in Toronto and am pleased to have this opportunity to share our work with you.